A Fangorian Beginning

A Magical Trip...

And an Unexpected Arrival

Waking up the following morning after having spent a night grouped together in a single room to take advantage of Dudleys’ magic as an added level of possible protection from evil rings, vampires and clerics of a dark god, not really sure what awaits them (well, Dudleys’ finger to be honest!) the group sit down to breakfast and to discuss their next move. Realising that the ring now firmly lodged on the ring finger of Dudleys’ left hand was maybe their most pressing matter, the group decide to seek the aid of the clerics and priests in the temple of Andraste.
After eating and thinking over the events of the previous days and the days to come, the party speak to Adria Goodale, taking advantage of her usual friendly and happy nature as well as her knowledge of the city. During the conversation the guys mention that they seem to have ‘inherited’ the warehouse on the docks since there was no paper trail leading to an actual owner, as the holders of the only key to the building they appear to now be the proud owners of a vampire infested building.
At the mention of the warehouse, Adria seems to become thoughtful for a moment, then asking what the group are planning on doing with it, if they’ve given it any thought. With no real clear plan on what they will end up doing with their new warehouse on the docks, Adria suggests that so long as the group don’t mind mixing business and friendship, she would be interested in renting it off them since the Hungry Dragons’ business is always more than she can deal with in terms of supplies and she’s been looking for a proper storage location for her food and drink.
Seemingly happy to rent her the warehouse, the group then realise that they don’t have the paperwork for the building; good job they know someone in the council who can sort that one out for them!
After a quick trip to the merchant guild buildings and a little bit of paper shuffling, the group manage to arrange a deal that suits everyone… Our little happy band, the property moguls!!
Once they’ve come to an agreement with Adria, the group head to find and speak to Agranon.
Finding him in the watch house, in the process of talking over current events Agranon suggests they speak to either Mirlas, the citys’ high priest to Andraste or Beatrice, the new headmistress of the magic school in seeking help to remove the ring on Dudleys’ finger.
With these new leads to check out the group briefly head back down to the docks to check out the building after the previous nights patrol was killed investigating. Finding nothing to suggest there were any issues outstanding from the previous ‘inhabitants’ of the warehouse they decide to move on and find Spina.
After a brief chat with Spina where he tells them about his ‘agent’ within the magic school, an enchanter called Talis, hoping to make some progress with moving on to the north to advance their investigations.
The party move on to speak to Mirlas at the temple of Andrsate, figuring the ring was more likely cursed than anything else.
Meeting with Mirlas, he agrees to attempt to petition Andraste on Dudleys behalf to try and break the curse, and during a long ritual, even with the help of a number of his friends, Mirlas is unable to remove the curse, leaving the group with little choice but to either attempt an arcane interaction or, more likely, remove the finger.
Deciding to try an arcane solution before amputation, the group head to the magic school. Meeting with the new headmistress of the school, the party are given permission to make use of the schools facilities and move deeper into the school to try and find the enchanting rooms to find Talis.
Coming across a series of rooms, segregated almost into individual, large, cells for research, the group find a hectic, frantic young man rushing about in the only occupied cell, moving from workbench to workbench, apparently working on a number of different items all at the same time.
Interrupting the magic user, the group learn that, yes, he is indeed Talis and until they explain why there are there (to seek assistance in removing the ring, and their connection to Spina) he seems to feel that he’s far too busy to take time to talk to anyone. Once he understands the reason for their being there, he becomes more helpful (if still very busy) and offers to send them through the teleportation circle in Edain to the circle in Hubton but is unable to do anything about the ring. Asking the party to meet him at his house at a convenient point in time, Talis returns to his work briefly and the party head out.
Realising they are left with just one option, the group set about getting Dudley drunk before removing the offending digit (whilst in the temple with some healing on hand!).
Meeting up later, Talis passes on the incantation to allow the group to reactivate the teleportation circle in Hubton to allow them to return to Edain, but warns them they may well find issues if they wish to carry on to Kaelum since neither Talis nor Spina have heard from their agent in Hubton for quite some time.
As Talis activates the portal, a bright reddish light pulses from the teleportation circle and the group step through the sigil and vanish in a flash of arcane light…
To re-appear surrounded by water with the recieving teleportation circle apparently submerged underwater. Frantically struggling to reach the surface before drowning the party fight their way to the surface, breaking through to see the village close by. Pulling themselves out of the water and looking around, Perrin manages to get his bearings and realises they are standing on what used to be the site of the home of the village elder, Zedron.
Realising that their route home, at least for the time being, is blocked off to them they move into the village to investigate.
In a scene reminiscent of Montival and Shayford, they find the village completely empty of people; no signs of life are anywhere to be found, no people, no animals, all the plant life is brown and decaying, no sounds or smells of life anywhere.
Moving into the centre of the village to where the local market used to be, the group feel the air getting colder and almost a thick, heavy feeling as suddenly a number of ghosts appear out of the ether and attack the group. During the course of the battle, Perrin comes face to face with the ghost of Zedron causing a visceral reaction and freezing him in place.
After a difficult battle the group, gathering their wits about them, begin to investigate the remainder of the village. Moving into the town hall and then inn to look for any information as to what befell the village the party find very little, other than a large piece of excised flesh with a familiar tattoo design.
Slightly un-nerved with the discovery, the group move out of the inn; as they file out they realise that dark has fallen and as they stand around taking in the odd fact of night, the shadows begin to coalesce into thick, almost physical forms.



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